Current Courses

NameProvider Further Information
ECDL StandardTuition Services
ECDL AdvancedTuition Services 
Creative writing for adultsReading Club International
Book publishing techniques for adultsReading Club International
All the basics to write a thesisTuition Services 
Learn how to make your own comic bookReading Club International
How to succeed at writing a funding applicationEuropean Startup Hub
SPSS for your thesisTuition Services 
Practical A-level in BiologyTuition Services 
Practical A-level in ChemistryTuition Services 
Practical A-level in PhysicsTuition Services 
Note taking in a digital worldMalta Tutors
Creative Writing for kidsReading Club International
Science Club (Spring Session)SED Hub
Entrepreneurship (kids and teens)European Startup Hub
Growing up with ADHD & DyslexiaTuition Services 
Blockchain & AI (kids and teens)Data Science Malta
Reading ClubReading Club International
AI and RoboticsData Science Malta
Graphic Design Spring courseMazzard Photography
Photography courseMazzard Photography

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